Case Studies


Releasing stress and pressure through efficiency

The scene A client referred us to a friend who was new to business. The friend was working so hard that an ambulance had to be called to a job site because he had chest pains. He needed major help. We set up a meeting and had a long conversation. The owner had been in

Back to the future

The scene Starting a business is never easy, especially when you do it alone. Being your own boss is hard work. One client set up their own business and then brought in partners, which added a new dimension. For many reasons the partnership wasn’t optimal. It proved to be exhausting and the owner learned that not

Not-for-profit achieves massive gains in 12 months

The scene The not-for-profit sector is a wonderful part of the business community, full of people who work with true heart and soul to deliver outcomes to their members. One not-for-profit organisation had engaged a new CEO who inherited a business model that had fallen apart from previous mismanagement.  Also, he didn’t have much of