Case Studies


Not-for-profit achieves massive gains in 12 months

The scene The not-for-profit sector is a wonderful part of the business community, full of people who work with true heart and soul to deliver outcomes to their members. One not-for-profit organisation had engaged a new CEO who inherited a business model that had fallen apart from previous mismanagement.  Also, he didn’t have much of

Never sit on your laurels

The scene Even though your business is a great success story, there’s never time to sit on your laurels. There are always efficiencies to be had and improvements to be made, including with staff development. One successful Canberra business got this, but they needed help. The business was built on a foundation of knowing who

Want to save big bucks?

Your business is growing. It needs more capability to service clients, so you do what most businesses do. You start an expensive recruitment process. The issue is whether this is the right strategy in the first place. In the case of one client, it wasn’t. Indeed, adopting a Plan B saved this client a whopping

Having a plan gives you direction

The scene It’s astonishing how many businesses don’t have a plan for the future direction. And it’s astonishing how many don’t know how to develop such a plan. As efficiency experts, we get it. We know it can be challenging for businesses to see the forest for the trees when everyone is on the ground