Business review from an external point of view

The scene No matter the size, structure or shape of a business, or whether it’s public, private or not-for-profit, frameworks and functions required are the same. One business owner came to us overwhelmed and not understanding how their business should be structured. The confusion was having a mega effect on performance and direction. The business

Being your own boss is hard work

The scene Running and managing your own business is hard work. You’re likely on 24/7. You’re thinking, breathing and sleeping your business day in and day out—no matter how hard you try to switch off. The bigger your business becomes the bigger the ideas, thoughts, issues and stresses creep into your everyday being. As an

360 reviews from an external expert can save thousands

The scene Often clients only reach out for external expert help when they’re going through a growth spurt, are stretched to full capacity and have their heads so full of daily stresses and competing priorities that  they can’t think clearly or strategically. When we first meet, clients are often overworked and struggling with a myriad

Reviewing suppliers to save money fast

The scene Saving money, and fast. It’s a priority when we work with new clients since case flow is king in business. When money is tight businesses suffer. Owners are under the gun. Staff are stressed. With many businesses everyday expenses chew into profit margins. Some owners aren’t even aware this is happening. Some don’t