Career development – part 1

Managers and business owners are always on the hunt for strong leaders to support their organisations. In doing so, they continually observe how team members behave. Here are questions to help you analyse your behavior. When you’ve pondered them, remember that you’re the only true person in charge of your career development. Think about your

How you sound makes a difference

The scene A client called and to announce he had a new team member who was dynamic and switched on.  She had career aspirations to be the best in her field of work and to make a mark in her industry. He was confident she could do it. The one thing her boss was concerned

Why your business needs to take 10 for a cuppa

Who doesn’t like coffee?  Well not everyone so let’s say your business needs to ‘take 10 for a cuppa’. Here’s how a little break helped one of our clients in a big way. The scene: A business approached us because they were so busy they couldn’t breathe. Don’t get us wrong, they were thrilled with

Five reasons your business needs an efficiency expert

1.  We see what you can’t see Business owners are close to the action, often too close to see what change is needed to get them to the next level. As efficiency experts, we’re not tied up in the history of how things came to be, and we’re not tied up in daily operations. Our