Does the team dynamic need to change?

The scene An integral part of any business is the team that works in your operation, as this reflects changes in the business environment and in the business itself. Many business people are so focussed on growing their business and managing the changes in the business that they fail to see the changes taking place

Take a 360 degree look around

The scene The business is growing well but with this growth comes change. Changing roles and changing skills. It is time to take stock of what skills the business has and importantly what skills it does not have – where are the gaps? The staff have worked well together to generate business growth but roles

Is a mentor what your business needs?

The scene Your business is struggling and you are struggling trying to keep it going, let alone trying to build growth into it. Adding to your problems is the fact that you know the business is fundamentally sound and that there is potential for growth – if only you can identify the pressure points and

How do you become a strategic thinker?

The scene: You know your business inside out and have been head down getting on with it. To date, results have been achieved by doing what you do best. Now it is time to take the business to a higher level, move it forward. With all your energies and focus firmly on the nitty gritty