Ready for takeoff?

You have an exciting new product and are ready to launch. Or are you?

The key to pushing out a new product is strategic planning and detailed implementation. And it’s best to be real. If you don’t have the time or expertise in-house, source it in to maximise impact, but make sure your team is part of the mix.

That’s what one of our Omania Terry clients did when launching a new product to the market.

A million ideas and ticks

We worked with the partners of this dynamic and long-standing firm to suss out what was already in place that could help. Bingo. The client had a fabulous client data base, worth its weight in gold. News of the product was sent to clients in a flash. The clients felt great being the first to know and this was an inexpensive way to get to market.

Other ways to drive the new brand, included in the market strategy, was to leverage high-profile marketing and PR activities. Sponsoring a charity gala ball. Tick. Updating radio ads and getting on air. Tick. Refreshing press ads and placing. Tick. There were a million ideas and a million big ticks.

But these measured approaches were just the beginning …

At Omania Terry we assessed what else was needed and how to roll it out in the middle of the fast-paced environment we were operating in. After all, this was a busy firm and business had to keep rolling.

Initiatives essential to success

A main focus was on change management and cultural change—initiatives essential to success. But the reality was that the team was being run off its feet. ‘No worries,’ we said. We mapped out how to bring the team along, keep them informed and involve them along the way. The team received ample support and was rewarded for a job well done. Enthusiasm levels soared. The energy was electric.

There were many operational challenges, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome. Trainees were recruited, offices moved to the same IT systems, new locations branded and the new product rolled out.

So how did it all go?

The launch of the new product opened an opportunity for expansion and growth of the business and the brand. From one office in the city the company quickly grew to five offices including Belconnen, Erindale, Gungahlin and Yass. Team confidence levels were high and it was time for us to move on to our next efficiency expert challenge.


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