Tidying up businesses to sparkle

A new cleaning services company launched to give clients the freedom to spend their spare time living life to the fullest.

The company made houses sparkle, so much so that within the blink of an eye they had too much work to handle. Their environmentally friendly and non-allergenic and non-toxic products were part of their competitive edge.

It didn’t take long for the company to realise they were so busy tidying up clients’ lives that they had made the management of their own business too messy to handle. And there was no time to even dust, never mind deep clean.

The company needed expert help, and fast.

Surveying the scene

At Omania Terry the first thing we did was to survey the scene to see what needed tidying and in what order it needed to be done.

As efficiency experts, we support clients to get the right things right. We do this by supporting them to make manageable changes that drive big improvements in the areas of people, finance and technology. And we do so in an orderly way so positive change starts immediately.

We quickly realised the cleaning company needed to declutter—less paperwork, simpler systems and more time for billable cleaning.

Cleaning IT systems

We started with technology. Getting IT right increases efficiencies and profits. The issue with the cleaning company, as it is with so many businesses, is there was not time to get IT infrastructure in top shape.

We supported the cleaning company by sorting out the mess. We overhauled the IT, bookkeeping and finance systems, upgraded software and hardware and more. Life became immediately more productive.

Sourcing the right people

Next it was on to people, the biggest asset in any business. The cleaning company was highly protective of their reputation and feared that adding staff would compromise the high quality of their services. Would those hired ever have the same standards? And the company had no time to recruit anyway.

We reassured them that, with our expert recruitment background, we would find staff who would scrub and sweep to the highest standards. And we did, without detracting the cleaning company from marching forward with existing jobs.

So how did it all go?

The cleaning company was squeaky clean by the time we had finished applying our efficiency expertise to every corner of their operations. The owners could breathe deeply and sign up new business with confidence.



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