The power of pressing the pause button

With a business built on strong foundations, outstanding customer service, great profitability and a dynamic team, how would a Canberra mortgage broker business catapult to the next level?

Without a great deal of strategic thinking, the business decided to engage an in-house Marketing Coordinator. It seemed logical, but when the team spoke to efficiency expert Omania Terry they wondered if it was the best way forward.

The first question Omania asked was: ‘Why an in-house marketing coordinator at this stage of growth?’ Her second question was: ‘Have you completed a cost-benefit analysis?’

Getting the right things right

As an efficiency expert, Omania assessed the dollars and timing involved in engaging a new staff person, especially when the business was spending a fair bit moving to new premises.. Omania also assessed if marketing needs were clearly defined. They weren’t. She then set out to assess other options and roll out strategies.

Omania recommended she remain as a consultant for four months to lay the foundation and set marketing initiatives in place. As an external provider she was free to move quickly and efficiently during her short engagement, working closely with the external professional brand strategy company.

Catapulting to the next level

One important step was to hold Client Advisory Board meetings to find out what clients wanted. Clear decisions were made. The aim was minimal effort for maximum impact.

During that four months, the mortgage broker company catapulted to the next level, achieving a massive amount in the marketing arena. The website was redesigned, all marketing collateral and reports rebranded, and, e-news templates created. A communications strategy was set and the business began disseminating regular, informative and engaging marketing material, staying top of mind with clients.

Many other initiatives were implemented, including Net Promoter Score, Google Places, and the design and launch of a networking strategy.

The business even managed to squeeze in a professional launch of its new office space for professional associates and collages, with a high-profile Member of Parliament handling the formalities.

So how did it all go?

The business made great strides without taking on a new full-time employee. The team pushed forward while settling in to their new office space, without disturbing ‘business as usual’. Even though it was a massively busy marketing period, the business also found time to enter the Real Estate Institute ACT Awards. It placed in the Top 25 Mortgage Brokers for Australia.


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