Success or havoc?

When I first spoke to this Canberra-based IT hosting firm, 40 employees were already in place and the growth rate was astronomical. The firm quickly grew to more than 100 employees.

Then, bam. The firm was hit with the havoc that can erupt with such incredibly fast growth. Life became challenging.

Getting on top

As efficiency experts, we identified the top main issues that needed to be addressed before things got too, too crazy.

After surveying the landscape, we tailored a plan for the firm, focusing on business essentials.

Through our support, the firm immediately started to update key procedures and policies, centralise office management, review supplier arrangements and make other adjustments that immediately started to save time and money.

We also implemented important new procedures and policies, required for sound governance, including policies for travel and credit card use.

The benefits from streamlining systems and operations became immediately apparent. The firm saved time (tick). It saved money (tick). It became uber efficient (tick). Better still, the adjustments took the pressure off employees, including the finance team (BIG tick).

Communications is key

Without effective two-way communications, firms cannot hope to reach best practice. Ensuring understanding of roles and responsibilities enables firms to get the most out of team members. The support of an efficiency expert helps cut through.

Again, we brought our expertise in efficiencies to the table. We assessed the human resources system, including the role of the Executive Assistant. By fine-tuning the Executive Assistant’s skills, defining the importance of the position and clarifying how important internal and external communications were, we quickly enhanced confidence and made a massive difference to overall effectiveness.

We also identified important communications channels and tools, and put systems in place so important information was released quickly, reliably and consistently.

One fabulous tool was the firm’s internal blog. Systems were put in place to make it compulsory for all team members to read the blog every morning. This proved invaluable during the fast-paced change environment. Everyone was reassured that they were up-to-date because they knew all changes were communicated in a timely way.

So how did it all go?

It was a busy but rewarding time. Yes, there were many challenges along the way but with our expertise, planning and support everyone could focus. Everyone was confident the effort would produce meaningful change, and it did. The firm was free to focus on its future and even greater growth.





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