Rebrand or streamline?

It was time for a rebrand for a company supplying quality sports team uniforms, corporate uniforms, casual wear and embroidery services. Or was it?

Timing is everything with rebranding and it’s important to push forward once existing systems are streamlined and in order.

Getting the right things right

The company contacted us as an efficiency expert to help them get the right things right. That would clear the way for the rebrand.

We came on board and could instantly see the company was crushed by the weight of daily deadlines. We used our expertise and support to make manageable changes that would help drive big improvements.

Wanting quick wins to motivate the client, we first set up easy-to-follow processes and procedures to help with the workflow. We set up a more structured approach for the team, job descriptions and clear guidelines on roles and responsibilities. The company was instantly more focused and clear—and happier.

Tapping into networks

We tapped into our networks to source an IT company to clean up the systems and manage risks by putting in place proper backup systems. We also tapped into our networks on the finance side, sourcing a super bookkeeping company to streamline and update all accounts. It didn’t take long, or cost a fortune, but in a matter of weeks the company was in a stronger position to focus on rebranding.

Working closely with the company and a graphic design company we recommended a new name and helped guide a new look and feel.

Next was our support in developing an extensive but practical marketing plan that could be executed quickly to roll out the rebrand, increase the client base and ramp up revenue. It included all-important sponsorships and the roll-out of a successful corporate event to quickly increase exposure.

So how did it go?

Our varied support helped the company do what it does best—provide top-shelf, high-quality embroidery and vinyl printing. And the company has now introduced new service lines, such as sign writing. The improvements internally enabled them to focus on their number one priority, customer service.




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