Never sit on your laurels

The scene

Even though your business is a great success story, there’s never time to rest on your laurels. There are always efficiencies to be had and improvements to be made, including with staff development.

One successful Canberra business understood this but also realised they needed help. The business was built on knowing who its clients are, delivering personalised care and kicking goals personally and professionally. The team was dynamic and a testament to the company’s commitment and drive.

The head of the company called for help. He had a new dynamo on the team and wanted to elevate her to the next level, to increase her personal and professional brand.

There was no time to assign anyone in-house to do this. How could we help?

Assessing the situation

We met the employee (let’s call her Sue). The meet-and-greet with Sue quickly revealed that she was a woman with drive. Although new, she had already determined she wanted to be one of the company’s top finance strategists.

The issue was how we were going to make this happen.

Over the course of eight weeks, we worked closely with Sue to identify what was needed and give her the tools to create both her personal and professional brand — and to provide her with skills she would be able to rely on forever.

We mapped out a plan, covering these areas, and got stuck into it.

  • networking skills—how to network like a pro
  • client etiquette—lunches, coffees, meetings
  • first impressions—they count 100 per cent of the time
  • goals—learn how to set them while remembering to be flexible because goals posts move
  • email etiquette—using the right presentation for the right intention
  • language—being mindful of how you sound and how what you say matters
  • professional brand—know what you want your brand to be and how to execute your style
  • personal style—be mindful of the total package, including clothing, jewellery and makeup.

We worked with Sue in several ways and on several levels. They stayed in touch by email, phone and with coffee and lunch meetings over the eight weeks. We attended an event with Sue, to coach her through. At the same time we coached her through a new way of thinking and working.


As each week went by, Sue—and the rest of the team—could see her uncover her own sense of style in her look, her demeanour and her approach.

Sue’s language transformed from overly casual chat to a professional vocabulary and her confidence grew to the extent that her presence was noticed the minute she walked into a room.

Sue was on a trajectory to that coveted financial strategist position.

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