Giving business a good night’s sleep

An owner trembled with excitement over buying a new before and after-school care business. They were in the right place at the right time to buy. The business had been built over a long time and had a wonderful reputation for offering students a caring and nurturing learning environment.

But the business was tired—not because of the students, because it needed some tender loving care for itself. The problem was time. There was no time.

Clearing the decks

We first met the owner for a general but productive chat. The owner had heaps of ideas to grow the business but no energy to implement them. We needed to clear the decks.

As efficiency experts, we’re efficient at sifting through issues to determine a clear path forward. And we’re expert at recommending manageable solutions that produce results right away and into the future.

We assessed the situation quick sharp and listed immediate, medium and long-term measures.

We assessed the business quick sharp, determining that the young team working there were pressured for time, and overwhelmed. And their first love was taking care of students, not worrying about business operations. We needed to keep them motivated.

Simple first steps

We started with a simple first step. Declutter the office and storage area. It made a huge difference and immediately made the business more efficient. We hung effective signage and labelled things. Staff could find things quickly and without getting frustrated.

Next it was giving some tlc to the human resources side of the business. While staff took care of the students, we set up job descriptions, procedures and processes so staff could work more efficiently and with more confidence. Clear, written job descriptions are essential for good governance anyway.

We then assessed work flow and work load and within no time at all, reallocated work to spread the load more evenly.

So how did it all go?

The team transformed from non-productive to productive in a few short weeks. Motivation levels skyrocketed. The owner was free to concentrate on implementing new ideas and building the business. It didn’t take long before the business had a waiting list a mile long and had started plans to build a larger facility.

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