Building the health of a pharmaceutical organisation

A new Chief Executive Officer at an organisation dealing with the pharmacy sector needed an exceptional Executive Assistant (EA). The Director of HR was having trouble recruiting at the calibre required. That’s when the light went on.

The Director, who knew about us, thought: ‘Why not contract efficiency experts from Omania Terry on a short-term contract to work on human resource policies, procedures and systems until the perfect EA is recruited?’

Duck to water

Having trained EAs for CEOs for many organisations, we took to the role like a duck to water.

We started with the tried-and-true list of 101 actions we’ve developed over the years while working for and with CEOs. A top action was a face-to-face meeting to explore a series of strategic questions about the CEO, the organisation and its needs. This helps us cut through the noise, especially when things are moving super-fast in a client’s organisation.

Strategic questions

We asked strategic questions like:

  • What are your priorities?
  • Which of your key contacts need attention?
  • What major projects are happening that need to be pushed forward?
  • When does the Board meet next? What is required?
  • What do you expect from your EA?

These questions get us connected quickly on a professional level and sets us up to provide major support so the CEO can get on with the job. Having the skill to engage quickly with the team, earning their trust and respect, is key.

So how did it all go?

Here are some key outcomes achieved during our short stay with client:

  • Relocated 40 national office staff to temporary office while a new office was being built.
  • Saved approximately 20% of budget through a full review of suppliers.
  • Conducted a travel review and implemented new policies and processes, saving about 8 per cent and heaps of travel processing time.
  • Implemented new office processes and procedures to gain efficiencies.
  • Upskilled and mentored receptionist, enabling their career advancement into the membership team.
  • Improved internal communication channels.

As the pharmacy organisation, this client’s core business is practice improvement in pharmacy, to improve the health of Australians. As an efficiency expert and change agent, our core business is helping organisations get the right things right. How rewarding is that?


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