Time vs money vs stress

The scene

Are you so consumed with a million thoughts in your head that you can’t think or hear what an expert has to say about how to improve life at work? You’re not alone.

As efficiency experts, the Omania Terry team regularly kickstarts relationships with new clients by sitting, listening and observing. They give clients a chance to safely and confidentially vent their frustrations, ideas, and feelings until the weight starts to lift from their shoulders. Only then can clients begin to focus on what their business needs to grow to the next level.

The solution

Despite the diversity of their client base, the team at Omania Terry finds many starting conversations are the same when businesses are in trouble. They concentrates on getting them to release the valve and get rid of negative pressure in critical areas.

And they often hear these sentiments across businesses:

Time poor sentiments

  • There isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done—I didn’t get to one of the 15 items on my list.
  • A customer integral to our business is unhappy because we don’t have time to service them like we used to.
  • We need more staff, but we don’t have time to recruit.
  • We need a new website but that’s the last priority on our list.

Money is tight sentiments

  • There isn’t enough money in the bank.
  • Our list of aged debtors is growing yet we don’t have time to chase money.
  • We’re not consistent in getting deposits upfront which makes us cash poor.
  • We don’t always pay our bills on time because we lose track of due dates.
  • We forget to send reminders for outstanding invoices.

Stress is high sentiments

  • I don’t spend time with my family and when I do I’m tired and stressed.
  • I don’t have time to exercise.
  • My health is deteriorating and I’m not eating properly.
  • My team is anxious because I’m moody.

The solution

With Omania Terry, the solution is to get businesses to take one step at a time, no matter how big the challenges.

The solution is always about establishing realistic priorities, even though everything seems of equal importance. It’s about setting clear and achievable goals. It’s about clarifying roles, responsibilities, guidelines and expectations. And, finally, it’s about keeping external support on hand until clients are operating more efficiently, management and staff have smiles on their faces, and the atmosphere at work is healthy and positive.

Progress starts with the first step. Calling Omania Terry on 0438 918 680 and catching up for a coffee or through the website.

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