The power of one phone call

The scene

Your business is growing so quickly that you don’t know what to do. Anxiety and stress has set in. You can’t sleep or eat.

Sound familiar?

In today’s business world, things move so quickly that at times it’s hard to keep up. This problem applies to any business in a growth phase. It’s challenging to keep customers happy, projects running smoothly and improve internal operations all at the same time.

A growing business is a great problem to have but ongoing stress can lead to major health problems. We’ve seen this with more than a few clients.

The solution

The good news is – there is a solution. You can get help to do the right things right. All it takes is one phone call to an efficiency expert to help make manageable changes in your business that will drive big improvements.

Let’s illustrate how this worked with one of our clients.

The business is owned by two of the most inspirational young business people you will ever met. In three years, they catapulted their turnover to new heights. But then the signs started to surface that all was not well. One owner’s health was failing and he regularly flew off the handle. The team started to forget things and disappoint clients. Desperate to cope, the owners worked longer hours, late into the night and on weekends.

Eventually the owners realised they weren’t getting anywhere. So they did the smart thing – they reached out for help, realising they needed expert advice.

When we first spoke to the owners they were driving to Sydney to complete a job. We spoke for an hour … actually they spoke, with the words spilling out fast and furious. All we did was listen (to a very familiar story).

Their sense of urgency was clear so we suggested a first simple step — a face-to-face meeting.

After that meeting we had the beginnings of a practical, achievable plan —Stage 1 of a much-needed restructure.

Thankfully a talented Office Manager had been recruited who had the skills to lead and drive implementation.

The first two months weren’t easy but saw real progress every day. We focused on what was really needed and stopped chasing the wrong priorities.

Our Stage 1 plan required a full IT system with new computers, screens, laptops, the full Microsoft suite and document storage. It was time to say goodbye to antiquated ways of storing documents and clunky, slow laptops. It took time for the owners to get their heads around the efficiencies this investment would bring, and it took time for the team to get used to new systems. With a bit of training everyone was thrilled with how easy and efficient work had become.

Also part of Stage 1 was an audit of all accounts and putting in place new bank accounts, mobile phone plans and other improvements – all of which started to save the business money. We had to recruit new staff to deal with new clients flying in the door at the same time as we were implementing new HR systems—and all within a few short weeks.

We were succeeding because we were committed to focusing on practical efficiency strategies and actions.


As efficiency experts, we were on hand to help the team stay focused on doing the right things right. To keep things on track, we checked in with the Office Manager on implementation. Once a fortnight we scheduled a quick meeting with the owners, presenting a whiteboard visual of what we had achieved to date.

After Week 6 the transformation was obvious. Everyone began to breathe. There was even light-hearted laughter and banter in the office.

And it all started with one phone call.


  1. Be aware of a false sense of economy. An efficiency expert will cost you but a good one is worth their weight in gold.
  2. Develop a practical, uncomplicated plan of attack.
  3. Focus on getting the right things right. Leave the rest behind.
  4. Communicate internally so everyone is on the same page.
  5. Be patient with change.
  6. Celebrate achievements.


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