Take a 360 degree look around

The scene

The business is growing well but with this growth comes change.

Changing roles and changing skills. It is time to take stock of what skills the business has and importantly what skills it does not have – where are the gaps?

The staff have worked well together to generate business growth but roles are changing and some staff are taking on more and more tasks, some of which are outside their areas of expertise and comfort. This is creating stress and dissatisfaction.

The question is what to do about this?

The solution

Call in an external advisor to find a solution, a way forward.

It quickly becomes obvious to the advisor that this is a business team under pressure and 360 degree reviews with all team members at all levels are needed.

The aim of a 360 degree review is to assist each person to understand their strengths and weaknesses and to contribute insights into aspects of their work needing professional development.

The advantage of having an external reviewer is that there is no emotion attached the to the conversations, and they can view things from a non-judgemental, neutral, unattached perspective, while seeking to identify what is best for the individual, the team and the business overall.

A 360 degree review allows each person to understand how their effectiveness as an employee, co-worker or staff member is viewed by others. The most effective 360 degree review processes provide feedback based on behaviours that other employees can see.

The feedback provides insight into the skills and behaviours needed in the organisation to deliver its goals and objectives.

One of the great advantages of the 360-degree review is that it is a two-way review and opens meaningful communication with the staff. It often might identify someone who has skills that would be very beneficial to the business.

It can allow staff to offer ideas and solutions to issues and generally buy-in to the growth phase. However, the review is only beneficial if you are open and honest and you accept that there is more than likely going to be some constructive feedback on how you and the management team can perhaps improve the way you work. It is, after all, a two-way review.

Questions that need to be raised during these 360-degree reviews can include:

  • Are the right people in the right role?
  • Do they have the relevant skill set needed to manage the growth?
  • Do you need to invest in training and development to assist the team?
  • Do you need to bring in external help to assist with the change management?
  • If external help is needed how do you manage the internal staff dynamics of outsiders coming in and working with existing staff?
  • Does the organisational structure need to change?  If so, how so and at what pace?
  • Are there staff who may have previously unnoticed skills and experience that may help the growth phase proceed?
  • Are there conflicts, tensions that need to be resolved that may be affecting the growth dynamics?
  • How will the company measure and track success?


The results of 360 degree reviews can be mind blowing.

The Omania Terry Team has achieved amazing results. In one case study a 360 degree review led to a plan addressing findings that the CEO needed his team to work more cohesively and independently while the CEO needed to be more present. Further, the CEO needed an office manager with the right skills who would exercise initiative and keep him organised.

At the end of just two weeks things had shifted dramatically. Everyone understood each other much better and respect increased. All were committed to change and determined to implement solutions.

In another case study the Omania Terry Team completed 360 degree reviews that resulted in a business saving more than $280,000 by not recruiting new people and instead having an efficiency expert objectively evaluate the skills and expertise already in the business — skills and expertise not being used.

Read more about 360 degree reviews the Omania Terry way by clicking here.


  1. Don’t underestimate the power of external expertise.
  2. Don’t be afraid of 360 reviews—they can be really empowering.
  3. Be aware that making decisions, such as recruiting new staff, without having properly researched the ‘why’ can cost you.
  4. Be aware that an efficiency expert, using 360 reviews, can save you a lot of money.

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