The power of one phone call

The scene Your business is growing so quickly that you don’t know what to do. Anxiety and stress has set in. You can’t sleep or eat. Sound familiar? In today’s business world, things move so quickly that at times it’s hard to keep up. This problem applies to any business in a growth phase. It’s

Success or havoc?

When we first spoke to a new Canberra-based IT hosting firm, 40 employees were already in place and the growth rate was astronomical. The firm quickly grew to more than 100 employees. But then they struck trouble when they hit a wall resulting from the havoc created by such incredibly fast growth. Life became challenging.

National conferences: not for the faint hearted

On the face of it, it looks like a great idea – let’s have a national conference to get our members together and take our association to new levels. Many national associations think big like this and at Omania Terry we admire their energy and enthusiasm. But designing and delivering a national conference is not

Building the health of a pharmaceutical organisation

A new Chief Executive Officer at an organisation dealing with the pharmacy sector needed an exceptional Executive Assistant (EA). The Director of HR was having trouble recruiting at the calibre required. That’s when the light went on. The Director, who knew about us, thought: ‘Why not contract efficiency experts from Omania Terry on a short-term