Having a plan gives you direction

The scene It’s astonishing how many businesses don’t have a strategic plan for their future direction. And it’s astonishing how many don’t know how to even develop such a plan. As efficiency experts, we get it. We understand it. It can be challenging for businesses to see the forest for the trees when everyone is

360 reviews from an external expert can save thousands

The scene Often clients only reach out for external expert help when they’re going through a growth spurt, are stretched to full capacity or have their heads so full of daily stresses and competing priorities that they can’t think clearly or strategically. When the Omania Terry team first meet a new client, the clients are

Reviewing suppliers to save money fast

The scene Saving money, and fast. This is always a priority when efficiency expert Omania Terry work with new clients since case flow is king in business. When money is tight, businesses suffer. Owners are under pressure. Staff are stressed. With many businesses the Omania Terry team works with, everyday expenses chew into profit margins.

Time vs money vs stress

The scene Are you so consumed with a million thoughts in your head that you can’t think or hear what an expert has to say about how to improve life at work? You’re not alone. As efficiency experts, the Omania Terry team regularly kickstarts relationships with new clients by sitting, listening and observing. They give