Investing in yourself and your business

The scene

You haven’t taken a development course for ages. You don’t ever have time to even think about your career advancement and you’re not comfortable that your staff have a training plan in place. You’ve been burying your head in the sand on this one even though you know that investing in yourself and your staff is essential for efficiency. You know your workload always gets in the way.

The truth is that investing in yourself, to stay on top of what’s happening in the business world, is a ‘must’. It’s a massive mistake to not make this a priority and inevitably you and your business will fall quickly behind—and lose money and opportunities.

The solution

Take action today. Make your professional development a number 1 priority. Make a date with yourself by blocking time out in your diary to pause and think about where you need to improve and become more efficient. Investing in yourself and your career will provide major returns on investment. And doing so for your staff will provide even greater returns.

If you can’t find the time, get your human resources personnel or an external efficiency expert on the case. Get them to help you focus on your goals, plans, skills, knowledge, areas of weakness and even your profile. Get them to think laterally about how best you can upgrade your skills, including through online learning, reading, coaching, short courses, networking and more. Learning doesn’t always equate to being out of the office for long blocks of time.

Make learning part of your routine and don’t feel ‘guilty’ about becoming a better you.


By investing in yourself and your staff, you’ll unleash ways for your business to grow and position itself so it’s ahead of the pack.

You’ll position your business to seize new opportunities, in existing areas of expertise. You’ll also position your business to develop new and highly marketable areas of expertise.


  1. Remember that not investing in yourself and staff means falling behind, becoming stale and becoming irrelevant.
  2. Investing in yourself sets an example for your team. If you don’t invest in yourself, why should they bother?
  3. Learning is motivating and rewarding. It’s inspirational and energising. You’ll thank yourself for taking the time. Your staff will too.
  4. If you’re lost about where to start, bring in an efficiency expert to help you quickly map out a strategic course of action.
  5. You don’t have the luxury of being passive. The cost to your career is too great.
  6. The future is yours to create. If you snooze you lose.


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