How do you become a strategic thinker?

The scene:

You know your business inside out and have been head down getting on with it. To date, results have been achieved by doing what you do best.

Now it is time to take the business to a higher level, move it forward.

With all your energies and focus firmly on the nitty gritty of ‘doing the business’, the question is how?

When the team at Omania Terry start talking to business owners about creating a strategy or plan to move the business forward, the result is often a blank look.

The challenge for us is to shift focus from ‘doing the business’ to ‘growing the business’ by facilitating a switch from focusing purely on day-to-day business to stepping back and including time to shift into strategic thinking mode.

Not an easy task when the daily business demands are constantly nagging at the back of your mind.

Just as investing in yourself to stay on top of what’s happening in the business world, is a ‘must’, investing in and developing a business strategy is essential.

The solution:

As a business owner you are the leader however that doesn’t mean you can’t bring your staff along with you. They know the business too and can provide valuable perspectives on how to build the business strategy.

A fresh and experienced set of eyes on your business can also assist.

This is where Omania Terry Efficiency Experts can help. You don’t need to work in isolation.

We believe there are some basic steps that will help successfully switch to fruitful strategic thinking.

First, find a mentor or coach to talk things through. They will get to know you and your business and will talk to you in a language that you understand which is aligned with describing strategic thinking. There are many ways that strategic thinking can be described but a good mentor and/or coach will talk to you in a way that you understand and coach you along the way

Second, take time out to just think about things and reflect. Sometimes the best decisions are made when you step back and take time out to stop, read, sit, think. We are in so much of a hurry that we forget to stop and reset.

Third, many business owners are so entrenched in their day-to-day business and the detail it generates, this can be confusing to their staff when they are describing things. Learn to give your staff enough information to trust that they know what they are doing so you can focus on the bigger picture. Keep it concise and to the point.

With your management team think out loud – share your thought process – and bring them along with your thoughts for the future. They may also have some interesting insights and contributions that will help move the business forward.

Finally, don’t be afraid to get help to develop a strategic plan whether it is for 1, 3 or 5 years.


The completed strategy will help you and the team focus on where the business is going and, importantly, how it is going to get there.

Strategic thinking will also help you identify, analyse and seize new opportunities that assist in implementing your business strategy and achieving your goals.


  1. Take action today.
  2. Take time out to reflect and look at the bigger business landscape.
  3. Consult with staff.
  4. Find a mentor.
  5. If you’re lost about where to start, bring in an efficiency expert to help you quickly map out a strategic course of action.
  6. You don’t have the luxury of being passive. The cost to your career is too great.
  7. The future is yours to create. If you snooze you lose.

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