Having the right people in the right job

The scene

When staffing isn’t right you can’t get the right things right.

It’s frustrating for business owners or managers when staff don’t appear to know what they’re doing, or care. It’s frustrating when staff aren’t motivated and/or continually make mistakes that cost the business money.

But what’s really going on with this scenario? Do you truly know?

Is it just staff apathy or is it also that management who are unclear in their communications, too busy juggling priorities and deadlines to coach, or too stressed to think strategically about the issues at hand? It might even be a combination of important factors.

The solution

There’s no way to solve this issue than to get to the heart of the matter. If you don’t take the time to stop, breathe, explore and reset, then you’d be very wise to invest in engaging an external expert to provide professional support, ideas and guidance. And you need to act as quickly as possible before the situation escalates.

Conducting 360 reviews are invaluable and often external experts can tease out more content since they’re independent. With staffing, these types of questions need answers (at a minimum):

  1. Do staff believe they’re in the right job?
  2. Do they like their jobs? If not, why not?
  3. Do staff know what’s expected of them?
  4. Is there a gap between what staff are doing and what you think they’re to be doing?
  5. Do staff have the right skills and training to perform at the level expected?
  6. What other honest and open feedback do staff have?

Uncovering answers is invaluable in helping you map the journey forward, even if it’s uncomfortable to hear what staff have to say.

An efficiency expert can help gather data efficiently, with as little disruption to the business as possible. They can summarise collected data and present it objectively, along with recommendations. It could be, for example, that:

  • small adjustments will do the trick
  • more of a restructure is required
  • some staff must go, in which case careful and professional human resource management is essential
  • new staff are needed, in which case the recruitment process must be conducted with precision.

This all takes time and many organisations can’t squeeze that time out of their already busy schedules. This is where an efficiency expert can help, coming into the business for even a short time to work these issues through. The last thing you need is to make a bunch of changes that won’t be effective since that’s more money and time wasted.


By getting the right people in the right jobs, your business will get to do the right things right.

The benefits can be enormous and include increased morale and a happier environment, less stress, greater efficiencies and productivity, and more profit for the business.


  1. Don’t delay. Not having the right people in the right roles can quickly get out of control.
  2. Think hard about the value of bringing in an external expert, not just for added objectivity but to save you time and further worry.
  3. Involve staff from the get go, or you may damage morale even further.
  4. Think laterally and creatively to gain the most out of the exercise.
  5. Have the courage to do what you must do—for the business overall.
  6. Remember that unhappy staff are rarely productive staff.

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