Five reasons your business needs an efficiency expert

1.  We see what you can’t see

Business owners are close to the action, often too close to see what change is needed to get them to the next level. As efficiency experts, we’re not tied up in the history of how things came to be, and we’re not tied up in daily operations. Our head is clear. We’re trained to pinpoint change.

We also have no fear around doing things differently. Such fear can paralyse business owners and management teams. Such fear can stop change from being introduced ‘in case it doesn’t work out’.

We see what you can’t see, which is a great start.

2.  You don’t know what you don’t know

We’re amazed at how many businesses don’t realise they don’t comply with legal and industry standards. Many don’t even know what these legal requirements are and so don’t think twice about whether:

  • company information is complete and up-to-date with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission
  • work health and safety obligations are being met
  • they comply with human resources legislation like the Fair Work Act
  • they’re following the letter of the law with other legislation like the Privacy Act.

This opens business up to all kinds of legal dramas, and expensive ones. Having worked alongside so many businesses, we know what must be achieved and can quickly get your house in order.

Aside from legal requirements, businesses are often unaware of other fundamentals, including the best way to manage people, market, and stay on top of technology. Without these fundamentals in place, businesses operate inefficiently and lose money. Is this why you’re in business?

3.  You have access to our experts

As efficiency experts we’ve worked with dozens of businesses across many industries. Our long-standing and proven network of experts is invaluable. Our ability to tap into their knowledge with just one phone call makes it faster for us to get your business moving. This network operates in one direction with excellent customer service and timely and cost-effective delivery.

What does this ultimately mean for your business? For starters, it saves you heaps of non-billable time trying to figure out who is out there providing what service and at what level. It fast tracks getting the job done

4.  We save you time, energy and money

Often business owners know they need to change but they’re up against the wall without time. They may be short on staff, have new clients that need servicing or are struggling with more sales than they can handle. Taking time to change in this environment is nothing short of stressful for some business owners. They’re consumed with today’s fires, not tomorrow’s planning.

We implement quickly and with minimal impact on daily operations. We focus on what your team needs and when they need it. Sure, some change may have some impact but the way we design and implement efficiency is key to smooth sailing.

We also work in parallel with your business, providing support where needed. We can be off to the side, for example, reviewing you supplier contracts and making recommendations for better deals while you keep the business machine going. We can do the same with reviewing legislation compliance and other key efficiency and effectiveness components.

5.  We can help you plan the future for your business

If you can’t plan for your future, why are you in business? A business that has no plan has no future.

Again, we regularly see businesses that are super stretched in a major growth phase. They don’t think to plan because everything seems to be going well, or they can’t see how to plan because they’re consumed with the ‘present moment’.

This is dangerous. It leaves your business vulnerable.

What if, for example, key staff leave your business, taking corporate knowledge with them during your growth phase and you have no PLAN B? What if you miss an opportunity to tender for a large and lucrative piece of work because you don’t comply with certain standards? What if you’ve gone to the expense of hiring new staff and are now paying them to twiddle their thumbs because you haves no training/induction plan in place?

We get that planning can seem overwhelming and impossible. We get that you may be convinced it’s not a priority, but it is.

As efficiency experts we never make strategic planning complicated. It doesn’t need to be. We’re quick at identifying what’s needed and then putting it down in black and white and supporting with implementation.

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