Why your business needs to take 10 for a cuppa

Who doesn’t like coffee?  Well not everyone so let’s say your business needs to ‘take 10 for a cuppa’. Here’s how a little break helped one of our clients in a big way. The scene: A business approached us because they were so busy they couldn’t breathe. Don’t get us wrong, they were thrilled with

Releasing stress and pressure through efficiency

The scene A client referred us to a friend who was new to business. The friend was working so hard that an ambulance had to be called to a job site because he had chest pains. He needed major help. We set up a meeting and had a long conversation. The owner had been in

Five reasons your business needs an efficiency expert

1.  We see what you can’t see Business owners are close to the action, often too close to see what change is needed to get them to the next level. As efficiency experts, we’re not tied up in the history of how things came to be, and we’re not tied up in daily operations. Our

Back to the future

The scene Starting a business is never easy, especially when you do it alone. Being your own boss is hard work. One client set up their own business and then brought in partners, which added a new dimension. For many reasons the partnership wasn’t optimal. It proved to be exhausting and the owner learned that not