“When I met Omania I was looking for someone with the skills, drive and enthusiasm to help implement our marketing plan. While I had a good idea of what I wanted to achieve, I needed someone of Omania’s calibre to turn the ideas into actions. We had a long list of tasks to implement and simply couldn’t have achieved all of them without Omania. Omania was able to worked alongside me to gain a thorough understanding of our business and what we needed to do to take it to the next level. She helped us to increase our client base, which in turn increased our revenue. She helped us raise our profile and mentored the team to help them gain a few new skills and even greater confidence. If you need someone to get the job done, and always with a smile and a much – needed sense of humour, then Omania cannot be more highly recommended. ” – ED NIXON, CEO & FOUNDER, TRILOGY FUNDING

“When I was the Chairman & CEO of TransACT and iiNet, I worked very closely with Omania over a two year period when she was my Executive Officer and have continued to maintain a very strong business relationship with her. She is very organised, hardworking, business oriented, fun to work with and highly efficient and effective. She has a tremendous attitude and has excellent skills in ensuring that your business gets the results it deserves. Omania has a great work ethic and exceptional quality in her work. I highly recommend Omania in improving the effectiveness of your business. ” – IVAN SLAVICH, former TRANSACT, CHAIRMAN & CEO

“Omania came to our shop looking for uniforms for her business. When I asked her what she did she said she helps businesses get back on track. I liked what I heard and we engaged her to help us. She helped us to restructure our business model, we rebranded and she helped us to improve our marketing and exposure. Omania was honest, professional and genuine. She kept us updated at every stage of the process with a clear direction of what we needed to do to get ahead. ” – PETE JENSEN, formerly MR BRAND MAN

“We met Omania through a mutual friend. and we got on very well. We were opening our new restaurant in Kingston and we asked her if she would help us to put on a launch the day before we opened. We managed to filled the our restaurant and we had a Member of Parliament Zed Seselja officially open it for us which was terrific. Unfortunately Omania was sick and unable to make the opening but it was a great night and we all had a wonderful time. She now brings friends and business colleagues to our restaurant to try our food and hospitality. She has also helped us with some marketing and has become a dear and close friend. ” – AMY & LIN, CHINA PLATE @ KINGSTON

“We have had Omania help us with an office make-over. She sees what needs to be done and cuts straight to the core of the job. Omania is very easy going and we found it easy to build a rapport with her. She also explains things simply and helped us to understand the why and what was required. She has now become a valued friend and we would recommend her if you need any help in your business ” – TONY & BETH, MY ADELINA CLEANING SERVICES

“I was too busy working in the my business, like most business owners, and I wanted to get more systems and processes in place so I could take a step back. Omania was able to get things moving and helped me to get an understanding of what needed to happen. It was great having someone with experience in the real world as you get stuck in your own business and you think this is how things should be done. We gained more of an understanding of how the business could run and we were able to raise the bar by making things clearer for the kids, clients, parents, and the team. ” – STEVE WHISKER, OUR PLACE

“Omania is an ‘action woman’. She is not afraid of to taking on challenges, in fact, that this is where she shines. With flair, she takes on Corporate Events that would send most running for the hill.  Omania takes everything on with flair, always ensuring that the little, but often the most important, things are not forgotten. But I think the best thing about her is she has a wonderful way of making everyone feel included, listened to and at ease.  Omania is one of those unique people who can take on any sized project and make the process for all those involved a very positive experience. ” – JANINE BRUNDLE, THE HAVELOCK HEALING CLINIC