Omania Terry

Getting the right things right

I love what I do. I always have. I work with great businesses, inspirational people and get a buzz out of seeing businesses make positive change—saving time, saving money, being more efficient, freeing up time for new ideas. My passion is palpable.

A lifetime of efficiency

My career is diverse and has taken me around the world.

I’ve worked for big business, medium business and small business. I’ve worked in the public and private sector and for not-for-profit organisations. I’ve worked in many sectors, including engineering, telecommunications, mining, recruitment, accounting, farming, fashion design and more.

Your business direction

This diversity has given me the knowledge and experience to assess a business, evaluate what is required and implement sound business improvements that are relevant and really work. My networks can be called on to help quickly.

Each business is unique. You might need to restructure office management, implement and drive business efficiencies, develop new business streams or refine existing ones, design and rollout major change management, put in place new systems or professional development or even help prepare a business for sale. My aim is to identify what you really need and then support you to get where you need to be.